What does a wedding day coordinator actually do?

Jan 21, 2022

I often struggle with posting enough on social media because it's difficult to showcase in pictures what I actually do on a wedding day. So much of the visible beauty at weddings is thanks to the v...

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Top 10 Tips to Avoid an "Oh Shit" Moment at Your Wedding

Sep 01, 2021

I’ve been at this for a whole year now, and I’ve seen my fair share of “oh shit” moments. I haven’t had a single wedding where my Oh Shit Kit has not come in handy....

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Keeping Your Shit Together in the Final Stretch

Aug 01, 2021

It’s August, and that means fall weddings are in the very final stretch of planning. An avalanche of details and micro decisions are converging and creating one of the most stress...

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Creating an Airtight Timeline

May 01, 2021

If you’re anything like most brides, your wedding is the biggest thing you’ve ever planned by yourself. Your photographer might have been the first one to mention a timeline, but where ...

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Feb 01, 2021

Congratulations! You’re engaged! It will take approximately three nanoseconds for a clueless coworker to admire your new ring, then grin and ask, “When’s the wedding?” ...

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O Wedding Venue, Where Art Thou?

Jan 01, 2021

According to the Knot, there are currently 702 wedding venues within 50 miles of Dallas – that’s a whole lot of options and it can be daunting to start narrowing them down. There ar...

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DIY Sola Flower Report

Dec 01, 2020

I am the most sentimental person I know. I still have my baby blanket and tatty teddy bear. I have an entire trunk full of every birthday and Christmas card that I’ve received in the last fiftee...

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Making the Cut: Creating Your Guest List

Nov 01, 2020

Each and every wedding choice is huge, but there’s typically only one that has the potential for significant drama – the guest list. If you want anyone to show up at all, it’s una...

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Oh Shit! How to Deal When Things Go Sideways on Your Wedding Day

Oct 01, 2020

As a coordinator, I run weddings like stage productions, and the bride is the front-row audience. She won’t know that something went wrong until the next day, unless it happened directly to h...

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