• Up to two planning meetings (approx. 1 hour each), including at least one venue tour prior to the rehearsal.
• Up to two hours for the rehearsal (additional charge for same-day rehearsal may apply)
• Up to ten hours for the wedding day (additional hours available)
• Assistance with planning choices – helping narrow down vendors, style choices, etc.
• An airtight timeline – I create a timeline based on a questionnaire and our planning meetings, and coordinate with your other vendors to make sure it works for everyone involved
• Setup – will set up all signage and décor, direct florists, check in with all vendors and assist with their setup as needed, and have everything picture perfect well before guests arrive
• Ceremony/Reception coordination – will make sure everyone looks great, direct the DJ or musicians, play photographer’s assistant or bar-back or bouncer, bustle the dress, cut the cake, make sure you eat dinner, and ensure that everything happens on time
• Tear-down – will make sure that everything that’s yours gets back into a trusted person’s car at the end of the night, including you into the getaway car, and ensure that all vendors exit the venue on time, and communicate with the venue to ensure no avoidable cleaning fees for you
• Unlimited access to my Oh Shit Kit – this is a duffel bag I bring to every wedding that has everything you could need for common wedding emergencies, including a first aid kid, sewing kit, toiletries, hair spray, stain remover, etc. If something goes wrong, I probably have something that can fix or mitigate the problem.
• Do everything in my power to make sure that you have an amazing time and enjoy your wedding. This means making sure you’re not worrying about a thing, keeping your drink full, making sure you eat dinner, and wrangling guests to make sure you have some privacy in moments when you want it.
• Additional services negotiable! Just let me know what you need.
Absolutely! I have love and will travel, but will invoice for flight and hotel accommodations.
There's several factors that go into it, including if your rehearsal is the same day or the day before and if I can accomplish everything that you need me to solo or if I need to bring an assistant. The biggest factor though is the location of your venue -- if it's west of 35W, north of 380, south of 20, or east of Rockwall, I do charge a little extra in travel fees. I can get you a written quote in a 15-min consultation call, or through a text exchange! Fill out my contact form to schedule a call.
• First and foremost, you can expect that you can ask me absolutely anything and you’ll receive a straight answer with zero judgment. I’m here to help you make your wedding day the absolute vision from your imagination, in any way I can.
• I prefer a face-to-face meeting with both the bride and groom prior to booking. I love to know who I’m working with and to get a feel for the two of you as a couple to make sure I’ll be the most effective at my job. We’ll talk about your story and what your initial visions are for your wedding, I’ll go over my process and expectations, and we’ll see if we’re a match!
• Deposit: After our meeting, I take a deposit to reserve your date. This deposit is refundable up until four months prior to the wedding, after which it becomes non-refundable.
• Planning Meetings: We’ll have one or two planning meetings, including a venue tour. Planning meetings can be in-person, virtual, or phone calls – your choice. The venue tour must be in person if at all possible.
• Final Payment: Seven days before the wedding, your final payment is due. I accept payment via cash, check, or Venmo.
• Rehearsal: I’ll be the first to arrive. I’ll direct the bridal party through the ceremony at least twice, and time permitting, will do a final walk-through of the venue to go over any last details.
• Wedding Day Setup: I’ll be first on site at the venue. The Oh Shit Kit will be in the bridal suite and I’ll run through my checklists to make sure that all of your décor and signage is put up, and that all other vendors have set up to your specifications and have everything that they need. I’ll communicate with each vendor to make sure they know who I am and to direct any questions or concerns to me, and go over expectations for the evening. When you arrive, I’ll make sure you have champagne available for you and the girls, and ensure everyone is dressed and ready by showtime. I’ll corral and direct guests, play bouncer at the bridal suite door to keep your privacy, and make sure you have a tissue and a mint before walking down the aisle.
• Ceremony: I’ll be making sure that every cue is met by the DJ, and that every detail for the cocktail hour and reception are ready to roll.
• Cocktail Hour/Reception: I’ll keep everything on schedule, fetch your dinner while it’s hot, and fill your champagne glasses for the toasts. After you cut the cake and open the dance floor, I’ll start clean up while regularly checking in with each vendor to make sure they’re all set for the night.
• After Reception: I’ll tuck you into your getaway car with a slice of cake and a water, and double check that you have your purse, phone, and anything else you need with you on your way out.
• Tear-Down: After you leave, I’ll take care of all the tear-down. You can rest easy knowing I’ll get all the vendors out on time, the gifts will be with someone you trust, and that all of your décor will make it back to you, organized and clean.
• Problems: I’ll manage any complications with the same approach as a stage manager – the audience doesn’t need to know. If I can avoid it, you won’t know there was a problem unless someone tells you at the day-after brunch. If there’s any last-minute snags that may result in extra charges for you, I’ll follow up with you the day after your wedding to give you a head’s up, and will handle any phone calls or communication necessary to resolve it.
I’ll do any event you need help with! I can do engagement parties, bridal/couples showers, baby showers, anniversary or holiday parties, etc. Cost for coordination of these events varies drastically, so please contact me to discuss your needs.
As of September 2021, I will wear a mask for the duration of all of our meetings, the rehearsal, and the wedding day and will enforce the policy of your choice and/or your venue’s regulations as necessary. Personally, I am fully vaccinated and working from home (other than weddings). I carry hand sanitizer on me and will have open communication with you on other events I have scheduled. I encourage a limited guest list and an outdoor venue if at all possible. If your wedding is postponed, you’ll have first choice of my available dates to reschedule. If it’s canceled due to COVID regulations inside four months of the originally agreed-upon date, you will be refunded all but your deposit – which can be applied toward a new date if you later decide to reschedule..
I am fully booked for 2021 and now booking for 2022! Check my availability here!.